A series of images below show the various aspects of Pembroke EMB’s work. Click on an image to view it in larger size.

Pembroke EMB hold the cleaning contract for Devonport Guildhall A view of the Estate from the early 1980's Two burnt out cars on the Estate in the early 1990's A view from the old Clowance St flats across to Pembroke St in the early 1990's Pembroke Street in the 1980's The official launch of the EMB in 1994 PCC Neighbourhoods Team visit Pembroke Street School pupils on placement planting new flowers and shrubs Young trainees repairing the paving on the estate A youth work session held at the local Neighbourhood Centre A visiting residents group from Cornwall  view of the Pembroke St Estate following refurbishment Residents come together for the Community Fun Day on the Estate Planning activities at the estate office Passing on new skills to young trainees Painting the Artwork on the Estate


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