National Tenant Management Network

Early in 2009 the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations (NFTMO) brought together some of the best examples of resident management nationally – with the aim of setting up a new information and advice network.

The national network consists of tenant management organisations from across the country who have successfully regenerated their communities and tackled deep rooted problems or poor housing management and maintenance, anti social behaviour and unemployment.

Pembroke EMB is one of the founding members of the network. As part of this work, we continue to host visiting groups from across the region. Many people have seen first hand what has been achieved and have been inspired to take back what they have learned to their own communities.

The network is co-ordinated by the NFTMO and helps to shape Government policy. It also enables good practice and peer to peer support to take place between member organisations.

Groups visit Pembroke Street from all over the South West


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