Housing Management

Pembroke EMB’s core work is the management of the Pembroke Street estate.  The properties are owned by Plymouth Community Homes (PCH), Plymouth’s largest social housing provider in the city, which was formed following a large scale stock transfer of all Plymouth City Council homes in 2009. 

Pembroke Street Estate Management Board Ltd was officially formed in 1994 as a ‘tenant management organisation’ (TMO) as defined under the Government’s Housing (Right to Manage) Regulations (1994).

Residents are in the majority on the Board of Directors, supported by co-opted members including representatives from local business, city councillors and Plymouth Community Homes (the Landlord).

The company employs a small team to carry out the management responsibilities which are set out in the management agreement, a partnership document agreed between the landlord and the estate management board and based on a modular Government template.

The company is responsible for all day to day housing management tasks including tenancy management, repairs and maintenance and voids and allocations. Low level anti-social behaviour is also managed by the EMB, whilst more serious incidents are jointly managed with the landlord who possess the legal powers to take formal tenancy action where required. Responsibility for rent collection and major capital works are also retained by the Landlord.

Pembroke EMB have been successful in maintaining the estate to a high standard, helping to ensure the original capital refurbishment in the 1990’s is protected.  Average tenancy duration has vastly increased. Crime is incredibly low and any anti-social behaviour is responded to before it is allowed to escalate.

Early intervention and preventative work are the cornerstones of the EMB’s success. Being on site and highly visible means the EMB has to work hard to maintain trust and credibility. Staff and board members are highly accountable to the wider residents who comprise the company membership.

As well as having the opportunity to be nominated to join the board of directors, residents are also actively invited to vote in a secret ballot every five years to determine whether the EMB should continue in its housing management role. This is supplemented by regular consultation and engagement activities to ensure residents are at the forefront of the service.

Please read more about the housing management service here. PEMB was also featured in the Parliamentary Review 2020 Click here to read a copy.

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birds eye view of the Pembroke Street estate
birds eye view of the Pembroke Street estate